The Oyedepo Podcast

Covenant Day of Exemption Sunday Service on 22nd Nov., 2020

November 22, 2020
Prophetic Declaration!
'You will never lack access to the hand of God!
No one shall be found on the same level anymore!
Anything murmuring and complaining in you dies today!
No one will ever ask you again 'what is wrong again!
From now the hand of God shall be evident in your life!
Your joy is restored from today!
Depression shall be far from you!
The hand of God that makes a difference shall be upon you!
Your eyes shall see evil no more!
Anyone called jobless shall be surprised with a good job this week!
When there is a casting down in the world, there shall be lifting for you!
Welcome to your era of divine surprises!
You shall be exempted from all evil!
It's your week of change of story testimony!' - Bishop David Oyedepo

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