The Oyedepo Podcast

Covenant Hour of Prayer (23rd Nov.,2020)

November 23, 2020
Covenant Day Of Exemption Ministration.
'By redemption, you aren't permitted to suffer what others suffer. You are a peculiar person. 1 Pet. 2:9 Gal 6:7
There are two levels of Word encounter:
1. Revelation Jn. 1:5
2. Illumination Jn. 1:9
Illumination is the second level of revelation.
To be exempted from the power of darkness is to be lighted by the power of the Word.
The children of Israel were exempted from all plagues:
1. Plagues of flies which connotes decaying. Ex. 8:20-24
2. Death of cattle which connotes the collapse of businesses and careers. Ex. 9:4
3. Tempest which connotes destruction. Ex. 9: 18-26
4. The plague of gross darkness, which connotes everything grounded. Ex. 10:21-23
To Keep Enjoying Exemption Rights:
1. Keep the love of God in your heart.
2. Remain addicted to kingdom advancement endeavours. Lk. 10:17-21
3. Keep speaking openly your exemption rights. Ps. 81:10-14

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